The Tourist Information Booth

tourist information booth daytime3  The Tourist Information Booth, during the day.  Here is where you can find clue sheets for the treasure hunt, the story of our island's legend, a "making of" scrapbook showcasing all the secrets behind the creation of our island, a captain's dedication plaque, and more! tourist information booth daytime2  A close-up of some of the items you can find at the Tourist Information Booth. tourist information booth dusk  The Tourist Information Booth, at night. tourist information booth items daytime  Treasure and treats for pirates who stop by the Tourist Information Booth! the legend book  Come read the back story to our island, The Legend of Boozabuzza Island, written by Chandra and Rob.
apple barrel  The apple barrel is a nod to Treasure Island, as well as to Barbossa in Pirates of the Caribbean. Chandra getting ready to write The Legend of Boozabuzza Island  Nothing like a Kraken glass and bottle of rum to get inspired to write a pirate story! The Legend in progress  Three-Legged Hannah writes her account of the legend of Boozabuzza Island.