The Stuff Behind the Scenes

soundtrack in progress  The soundtrack was created by Julie.  It includes music from several different pirate stories, marine sound effects, and some of our favorite sea shanties. soundtrack in progress2  Rodney helped with the technical aspects of the soundtrack. website in progress  Julie designed the website and created the layout, text, and graphics for it. website in progress2  Rodney is the technical mastermind behind the website. trailer in progress  Julie created the trailer with a lot of Rodney's help.  This was one of the most time-intensive elements of the whole display.
making the Jake costume  Benjamin's Jake costume vest was created by Julie by using fabric paints on an old white t-shirt. DSC 3361  Jason Lang takes our photo for the news story in the Burnaby Now. Burnaby Now Oct 8 2013  Our photo in the Burnaby Now. DSC 3485  Julie being interviewed by Olsy Sorokina from BCIT Magazine.