The Sea and the Marina

marina daytime  Boozabuzza Island Marina during the day. marina night  Boozabuzza Island Marina at dusk. 71C8494  Boozabuzza Island Marina at night (photo by Mark Klotz). ship daytime  Our ship, The Noopty Noop, designed and created by Julie, Diane, Rodney, Emma, and Benjamin. DSC 3950  Little pirates taking our ship for a spin!
ship daytime2  Close-up of our ship, The Noopty Noop.  It is named after Emma's imaginary friend. emma on the ship  Emma aboard The Noopty Noop.  This is the interactive element and photo op spot of our display.  You can climb aboard, steer the ship, and use the spyglasses! kids in the ship  The kids aboard The Noopty Noop. pier daytime  Sheridan pier during the day.  It was built by Ian, using logs from Sheridan Lake. pier dusk  Sheridan pier at night.
pier candlelights  Candles along Sheridan pier. mermaid daytime  The Lady of the Rocks Mermaid, created by Diane.  She is a nod to the sirens of many a great pirate tale, including POTC and Peter Pan.  She is also specifically a reference to Julie (La Femme Desroches).  She features in our backstory The Legend of Boozabuzza Island. pirate frogs  The pirate frogs are a nod to Marlene and Bob who collect frog lawn ornaments for their garden.  Julie created the outfits based on the outfits in their official "crew" photo, including Marlene's crown jewels hat. 71C8482  The pirate frogs at night (photo by Mark Klotz). tick tock croc daytime  The Tick-Tock Crocodile, created by Diane.  He is a nod to Peter Pan, and specifically to the Once Upon a Time version of the story (fans of the show should recognize the teacup).  He is my favorite character in the Once Upon a Time series.
teacup by Diane  Belle's teacup, one of the crocodile's most cherished posessions, was handpainted by Diane. Family Flag  The flag atop our pirate ship was designed and painted by Emma.  It is a nod to our family (4 triangles for each of us, yellow sun for happiness & warmth, dove for peace & kindness) Tarps  The sea is made up of tarps donated by Nat and Wes. marina set up  Rodney helping to set up the marina. pirate ship schematic  Julie's original sketch of the ship, using our hammock frame as the base.
Creating the ship  Diane making an outline of our hammock frame onto some brown bedsheets for the base of our ship. Making the base of the ship  Julie and Diane glueing string into the fabric to hold up the sides of the ship base. Working on the ship base  Julie and Diane working on the ship base. Ship base test  Testing out the base. Julie later added painted details to the base including cannon ports, windows, and the name of the ship.  The lamppost was turned into the main mast, with a plastic laundry basket painted brown placed over the lamp to hide it. Dirtying the sail  Benjamin dirtying the sails, cut from an old sheet.
Dirtying the sail 2  Emma dirtying the sails.  These were woven onto garden bamboo poles used as booms for our ship. Dirtying the sails 3  The kids dirtying the sails. making the family flag  Emma painting the family flag.  She designed it on a kids' flag making website, and a template was created from that image.  Emma just had to add the paint. sheridan pier in progress  The posts and bases for Sheridan pier.  Originally, I just asked Ian if he could get me a few logs.  He ended up building me all the posts! sheridan pier in progress2  The first set-up with the posts and bases for the pier, and the hammock frame for the ship.
building sheridan pier  Rodney wove some thick sisal rope through the posts and Julie added some tarp to cover up the bases to complete Sheridan pier. Lady of the Rocks in progress  The Lady of the Rocks Mermaid was handpainted by Diane. Lady of the Rocks sketch  The initial sketch of The Lady of the Rocks Mermaid by Diane. tick tock croc in progress  The Tick-Tock Crocodile was handpainted by Diane . watch yer step  The warning sign to watch your step when climbing aboard the ship!