The Pirates Protest Board

dread pirate roberts  The Dread Pirate Roberts is a nod to The Princess Bride (and my high school friends Susan and Corey who know how obsessed I was about this movie!). governor marley  A nod to Monkey Island.  You can find this poster at the very beginning of the game. pirates protest board  The Pirates Protest Board, created by Julie.  This includes quotes and characters from several pirate movies, all celebrating pirates and protesting against the true villains of the world.  You can find many of the nods to pirate stories here for the treasure hunt. 71C8394  The PIrates Protest Board at night (photo by Mark Klotz). eyeliner poster  A nod to my very favorite version of Captain Hook, from Once Upon a Time.  I am a big fan of the eyeliner.
morgan adams poster  A nod to Cutthroat Island.  Though the movie was a box office flop, it has some amazing effects and killer stunts.  Geena Davis actually somersaulted off a roof and onto a speeding carriage below.  This is a screen capture of the actual wanted poster used in the movie.  I added Morgan's grafitti.